Balamir is an audiovisual artist and continues to work on what he calls Unconcealment series

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Balamir Nazlica's formative years were spent in Europe, particularly Switzerland a place he describes as "a chandelier on ice." Though he wouldn't begin experimenting with music and filming until many years later, his creative work continues to be infused with and inspired by his travels in Europe,Turkey and Asia.

Balamir left Switzerland to attend his university in Istanbul, where he studied International Relations, initially focusing on his philosophy which he continues to use in his lyric writing and daily being. He employed many of the skills over the years in a variety of projects that involved audio and video production, Soaked being the most predominant and successful amongst them. A fateful encounter with a neighbor which turned into a friendship, had a profound effect on him. Excited by Francesco Albano’s sculptures, he explains "I got so excited and enamored with his sculptures that I knew I had to start filming and composing a new series that I would call Unconcealment." Starting with short video experimentations, he began filming which lead to a series of videos that you can see.

Balamir continues to film what he calls Unconcealment series. A word that he borrowed from his favorite writer Heidegger. Unconcealment is an attempt to understand and film the moment of artistic inspiration of artists. Dogan is married and has a 2 year old daughter and works in a tech company as his day job and prepares his filming projects throughout the year.