Founder of the band Soaked, Balamir helped pave the path for the Istanbul Indie music scene back in the early 2000's, and he has only just recently started his solo career. Within a short period of time he managed to promote his EP titled 'Up and High' with a cinematic video for the track 'Angels Coming' that co-starred sculptor artist Francesco Albano. His follow-up EP, 'Angels Coming', is laden with synths and lush instrumental outros which has become his musical signature. 'Up and High' is the beginning of a series of tracks that Balamir aims to help Escapist fans from all over the world. With the soundtrack titled 'Unconcealment', Balamir released a compilation of video artwork that he exhibited with imminent figures of the Turkish art scene and enjoyed coverage in independent indie film platforms. From pop to cinematic orchestral tones, synth-driven with hip electro bass, Balamir found his own Escapist sound. Currently, he has released his new Single 'The West Coast' . If you want to stay tuned just hover over and send an e-mail and we will get back to you!